A Connection through Rituals that transcends time and place


Meeting Momoca was a special gift. Her soft nature and her incredible attention to detail is beautifully portrayed in her delicate work. Her handcrafted paper objects are lovingly made one by one. Her work embodies the phrase “God is in the details” and through her work bridges are constructed that transcend time and place.

Momoca weaves a connection between Japanese and Mexican cultures through her creations. She portrays and celebrates the similarities between the cultures through showcasing practices and rituals in the creations of her Altars

Although altars have their prominent place in the home and in everyday life, Japanese culture observes Obon during the month of August by gathering special offerings together as families and building Altars for those family members occupying the spirit realm. 


Obon is the time of year when their Ancestors can live amongst them once more. Being familiar with these practices through my own cultural lens, the connections between the Japanese traditions and the Mexican custom of Day of the Dead weave together almost seamlessly, leaving me deeply touched.

I saw yet another example of the immensity and interconnectedness of human life, someone who seemed very different to my own self but who's own story was very connected to my own and to the many others who came before us. I feel such gratitud experiencing life through rituals that give so much meaning to everyday life and that connect me to cultures that are on the other side of the globe, to my humanness and the spirit world.

The next time I am crafting my altar, I will put more intention into placing each flower, food and paper cutting out as an offering knowing that it not only connects me to my ancestry but to the larger picture of my humanity and the gift that is life. Momoca's work is far more expansive than making beautiful altars. She has a rich history of experiences and skills that blossom in her work.

Every place she touches is transformed into a magical, sensorial experience that is a privilege to behold. She is a multifaceted and highly acclaimed artist and we couldn't be more proud to have been given this opportunity to work with her. Please see more about Momoca and her work in these links: 
Photographer: Gabriel Selassie
Photographer assistant: Daniel Ortiz

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